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Chivalry is not quite dead...

A few weeks ago Debbie and I went out to breakfast with a friend and his wife. After this breakfast something funny happened as Debbie and I were preparing to leave the restaurant. A light rain was falling outside as Debbie and I both walked to our car. I routinely open Debbie's car door for her whether its raining or perfect weather outside.

Initially this morning was no different than any other morning. After I opened Debbie's car door letting her in then I proceeded to the driver's side of our vehicle and I got in. Right after I got in an elderly couple walked up to the car parked next to us. The lady looked at me with this big smile and at first I didn't understand why. But then it became clear after she turned to her husband and demanded he open the door for her.

Her husband begrudged-ly came to her side of the car unlocking the passenger side door and letting her in. During this process this couple was bickering back and forth. Apparently this older gentleman was not used to pampering his wife by opening doors for her on a regular basis.

Debbie and I drove off and at first I really did not understand what just happened. Initially I just saw the old lady look over at me with this huge smile and I couldn't figure out why. After watching this episode unfold next to us Debbie figured it all out and explained it to me and we both chuckled as we drove off. I guess chivalry is not quite dead...
Today's news of the bizarre or weird...
Woman Who Believes Music Triggered Seizures Can Listen to Music Again After Brain Surgery

Which made me think technology (newer music) caused this issue and technology (advanced brain surgery) fixed this problem... How weird and kewl at the same time!

The ups and downs of turning pro

Well I have been playing poker professionally now for almost six months. I have thought about writing about my experiences and perhaps turning this into a book project. Although I am not sure if this type book would actually sell. I guess I would need to win a big tourney (WPT or WSOP perhaps) before this might generate enough interest.

The truth is I have gone on a real roller-coaster ride of emotions during these past several months. Many of you know I always wondered if I could actually play poker for a living. After all poker has been a big part of my life now for about thirteen years or so. Of course not every body is cut out to make it as a professional poker player. It takes more than just a good knowledge and hunger for the game.

It takes a big enough bankroll, some good luck, patience, and heart to mention IMHO a few critical pieces of the puzzle. So far I have been successful in this endeavor but it has not been with a few bumps along the way. February was a horrible month for me as it was my only losing month. It helped humble me like life does and also help me see that I needed a bigger bankroll to sustain this profession.

Thankfully I have had lots of help along the way from my fellow RGP (rec.gambling.poker newsgroup) chat friends as well as other local poker friends that I respect. I have concentrated mostly on the $2-5 no limit Hold-em cash games but I do play a few tournies from time to time. My theory is as long as I can win regularly in the cash games I will never go broke and our starve.

In the beginning I promised Debbie that I would deposit at least $2k a month into our joint checking account. I am proud to say that I have been able to make this deposit every month including in February. Additionally I am happy to say that even though I lost money in February I have been averaging over $2k a month and have had a couple months winning in excess of $5k. But I still do not think that this is enough money for me to continue on this path over a year.

I am trying something new (for the past couple months) that appears to be helping me do lots better than before. I am focusing on playing shorter sessions (three to five hours) instead of longer sessions. Some days I am also working on playing a couple of these shorter sessions and so far it has been working very well for me. Also I feel that my game keeps getting better and better all the time. I also have been doing some book study but I need to ramp this up even more.

I am sorry that I have not been writing a lot here in LJ but I am sleeping in as my schedule is evolving. So I need to find a best time to do more writing here as I think it is a great writing venue and a tool to keep in touch with more of my old and new friends.

Finally I am also feeling better after passing my last kidney stone. Sadly there were a few complications but I am now (almost five weeks after my last episode) really starting to feel like normal!!! BTW thanks for every body's support during my tougher days.

I am back from another trip

Well I have certainly neglected LJ these past several days/weeks. I had great time at Barge visiting all my great RGP (rec.gambling.poker newsgroup) old and new friends. And I did decently in the cash games and in the NL HE main event (8th place finish out of 218 entrants).

And last week I flew with Debbie to Texas (Corpus Christi area) to spend some time with her parents. They just bought a new fifth wheel and a nice big Dodge diesel truck to haul this new home. It was a fun time had by all. Lots of good eating and a fun side trip to San Antonio's Sea World park. I must admit that I had fun but I am damn glad to be back home in the Las Vegas valley again.

Today I was back at the poker tables trying to make a few bucks. I won $899- in about three hours playing $2-5 No Limit Holdem at Bellagio. I am still wondering if I can make this a profession or not. Only time will tell if I can make enough at poker or not. For now I am just calling it a test run until I got enough data...

Additionally, I just switched my primary LJ email addy to see if that fixes my LJ auto replies or not. I must admit that when I switched to my primary personal email address I was not happy when I stopped getting my LJ replies automatically. I figure if I switch to my secondary hotmail account this might fix the problem.

Finally I am glad it is almost time for the regular college and NFL football seasons to start as I am just love football!!!

Something more special to report today...

Well today is yet another huge milestone in my life. Yes its Debbie and my seventh wedding anniversary today! I am a very lucky man to have found such a wonderful and extremely loving lady to share the rest of my life with folks...

I plan to take her to dinner at Green Valley Ranch. But right now I am going to go out and buy her some flowers ;')

A lot has happened to me lately.

Well its been a couple weeks since I posted anything here in my LJ. So much has happened in this time-frame too. I will try and cover the highlights here. First off about two and half weeks ago Debbie and I adopted a four month old kitty (Misty) from the local shelter.

The funny thing was we first picked out a little one year-old female cat who appeared real affectionate when we came up to her. Once we filled out a waiver and had a shelter aid bring out this cat to hold she acted very differently. Debbie was the first to hold her and she felt so uncomfortable she passed this cat onto me to hold. Right away this cat started growling and acting real pissy. If only she knew the great home she was passing up on with this strange behavior.

Although we were both still in shock it was fortunate that Debbie had also picked out a little four month old kitty that she liked. This kitty was very affectionate when we handled her. So we opted to choose her for our newest member of the family. We decided on calling her Misty as it was a mystery how she become our new cat Vs the older cat who didn't respond well to us...

Misty has kept both Debbie and I real busy. She was sneezing right away when we got her home then started coughing, which lead to Misty's first visit to a vet. After getting her on some antibiotics for a pretty standard shelter kitty upper respiratory ailment then one of her eyes got infected ;'( So it was trip number two to the Vet for her. Thankfully now she is a healthier and even happier kitty. But I should add she now has way too much energy to play and get in and out of trouble!

Other than the kitty stories I have been very happy that several friends visited Las Vegas including evwhore and rcfox who both arrived on here on separate non-related trips. evwhore came into town for part of the Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic poker tournament series. I had dinner with Spencer and several of his college buddies and a female friend at the Mirage, which was a hoot. Whereas rcfox came to town for a bloggers poker tournament, which I never signed up for or attended.

I was fortunate though to spend a couple nights with Russ and other friends playing poker and having c couple nice meals. That is one thing that I do like about this town, people are more apt to visit me here in Las Vegas/Henderson than when I lived in Sacramento. Now if I wasn't on GAP so often (every four weeks) it would be even better! I should also mention that I had got to also finally meet Matt Lessinger (Card Player columnist and recent poker book author) when my good friends Nolan Dalla, fich, and Nick Christensen cam over to watch MNF at my house. So it has been a pretty fun filled several weeks of seeing old friends and making some new ones!

We also had to have some semi-major work done on our spa/pool area this past weekend. We had a very slow leak around a seam inside our spa where the fake rocks join up with the finished area. It took me weeks to find the right person who could fix this leak and paint the fake rocks after wards. We ended up having the entire pool acid washed too and draining and refilling the pool in the process. It cost us lots of money but the end result looks great so far. Sadly now the automatic pool filler valve is leaking. We had to turn it off during all the repair work and naturally when I turned it on it starting leaking water. Oh well welcome to home ownership - just glad we can afford the repairs!

Finally I also am sweating more rounds of layoffs at work and some potential big changes on my companies policies against telecommuters like myself....

Off to New Mexico

Tomorrow I am off to Santa Fe, New Mexico to help my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Damn no that is some accomplishment isn't it? Debbie and I are looking forward to this trip as Santa Fe is a fun spot to visit and it will be great seeing my parents again. We plan to be back Monday afternoon so this trip will be short and sweet...

Sadly I seemed to have caught some sort of bug (sore throat/congestion) and so I plan to shutdown early today and get some rest!

Happy birthday Zig!

I would like to wish ghostsandrobots a wonderful and fun birthday today! I hope your having fun day Zig, doing something special...

Back on call for yet another week

Well last night was my last chance to go out and play poker before I went back on GAP again. So I took that opportunity and drove off last night to the Strip and chose to play at Mirage. If you have not noticed like many players I have focused most of my cash game action playing smaller or baby no-limit Hold-em cash games.

But when I arrived it appeared that I could more readily get a seat in a $10-20 Hold-em game so I did! It was kind of funny playing in a limit game after such a long time. I played well but in about an hour and a half I was down $79- when I was finally called for a seat in a new $2-5 $500- cap no-limit game. So I got up and took my remaining $421- (I bought into the $10-20 game for $500) and sat down at the $2-5 game. I started off my session in this second game pretty rocky.

As I waited patiently for some good cards I happened to notice that the player on my right had some physically messed up hands. In fact many of his fingers were either munched up and partially missing or what appeared to be badly deformed. Suddenly I went from really wondering how to turn around my session to really curious what happened to this guy on my rights hands. Well after talking to him briefly this mystery was suddenly cleared up.

His name was Rick and he came to town for some IT Telco conference. He then went on to tell me (without me asking him first) that he used to be a fireman who was laid off. Then he worked temporarily in a farming machinery shop where his hands got crushed in a metal milling machine. It was an incredible story of how one human spirit overcame a pretty serious tragedy in his life.

What really amazed me is how candid Rick was about what happened to him and how he even joked and laughed about it all. But what I liked the best about Rick is how upbeat he was and how well he handled the cards and chips during the game. I loved the fact that he never gave up after his accident rather he became a very successful IT specialist who just re-invented himself. He went on to tell me he leads a very active life hunting, fishing, and following many other personal pursuits.

Well needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my time talking with Rick last night and getting to know him better during my outing. Was also nice to see after I was a bit distracted listening to his fascinating story that I started picking up a few good cards and winning. I ended up picking up an extra $281- but even more importantly I picked up a lot more appreciation for all the good things I have going for me today! I sure hope I get to meet Rick again too...

Happy happy

Happy birthday lafille, I hope you have a blast today and on your trip to New Orleans! Damn I remember most of my twenty first birthday even today ;') I had dinner with my parents in Foster City at a restaurant that is now gone. Linda Carter of "Wonder Woman" fame was also having dinner at the same eatery so our waitress hearing it was my birthday got Linda to sign a menu for me. I might even still have that menu somewhere in the boxes I have dug out so far in this move.

Later that same evening one of my best friends Dave and I went out to a local dance club to watch my cousin Rob play in the band. During one of the earlier sets Rob actually pointed me out and announced that it was my twenty first birthday and so I got several free drinks! I remember it was a school night as I was going to San Mateo JC and I was so hung over I skipped at least my early classes the next day. It was certainly one of my best and most memorable birthdays to date.

Any how I hope Shelly you birthday is a wondrous occasion too!!!